Senior Pastor

Pastors Steve and Kelly came to the Parsons Foursquare Church in April of 2000.  They have one son Spencer and his wife Leah.  They reside and work in San Diego, California.  Pastor Steve is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has served in various capacities in the denomination and community:  divisional superintendent of Foursquare churches, served on the Foursquare Cabinet, President of the Board of Directors of Camp Pomme de Terre, President of the Parsons Chamber of Commerce, Supervisor of the Parsons Police Chaplains, and a hospital chaplain also.  He has greatly enjoyed the relationship with Labette Community College being a pastor to both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams down through the years.  Pastor Steve enjoys teaching the Word of God and also being used in the Gifts of the Spirit as the Spirit leads. “I know I couldn’t do it without Kelly always being there and being the support to me that she is,” Pastor Steve shares.

Born and raised on a farm in Concordia, Kansas, Kelly comes from a family of two sisters, three nephews and one great nephew whose name is Brantley.  She was raised in the First Baptist Church in Concordia and it was a powerful church that did a lot for each other and the community. Her Mom, is 85 ½ now and still lives in the home Kelly was raised in.  Coming from a large family with over 60 cousins, red is their dominant gene for hair and is plainly seen throughout the family.  On her Mother’s side there have been 25 cousins in full-time ministry in the Foursquare denomination.  Kelly has been in full-time ministry for 35 years now with her husband, with the first 17 having traveled together as itinerant ministers (evangelists).  In 2000 they came to Parsons to assume the role as Senior Pastors.  Kelly’s heart is for all people to know Jesus as their Savior and serve Him in all aspects of their lives.  She reaches and touches many people’s lives all throughout the community from the CORE at the hospital, to the grocery store, to serving on the 506 School Board of education.  Her prayer is that you would be like a palm tree that can stand up through the storms of life and come through standing tall learning the lessons of life.


Nursery Coordinator

I have the privilege of taking care of our little ones here at the Parsons Foursquare Church. I love seeing God do amazing things with our nursey and it’s a joy to work with all those that volunteer. I am married to David who serves as the youth pastor on staff. We were married in June of 98 and have since had four children. Their names are Anthony, Alyssa, Aric, and Allen. We also have raised three other beautiful girls named Jackie, Tori, and Treniti. They are my younger sisters and have been “our girls” since they were little. Parsons has been our home for almost thirty years. My husband and I came to church here in the year 2000.



(620) 423-0423


98 Main St, Parsons, KS 67357, USA